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Dental occlusion correction

What are the dangers of malocclusion?

First, malocclusion results in increased load on teeth during mastication. In the course of time at the age of 30-40 you will start noticing teeth loosening, exposed tooth necks and teeth gaps. These are clear signals of rapidly progressive periodontitis. Second, malocclusion leads to temporomandibular joint diseases. Many people are familiar with the signs of this disease as well: headaches, opening the mouth causing a clicking sound, masticatory muscle pain. Third, occlusal conditions cause cosmetic disorders: changes in the facial profile for the worse, unsightly smile, crooked teeth. All of the above is a solid reason to allocate time, effort and resources to visit an orthodontis

What are the age limits for orthodontic treatments?

It was considered previously that orthodontic treatments can only be carried out during the period of formation of dentofacial system, which means they were available for children and adolescents. Nowadays there are new constructions, which make it possible to carry out orthodontic corrections with good results both for children and adults. The patient’s age is of no importance for orthodontic therapy. There are no age limits in this area of dentistry. However, with age it is more difficult for the body to respond to treatment and recover. It may also be more complicated to adjust to such long-lasting treatment. It is necessary to visit an orthodontist since early childhood, when it is still possible to correct and guide jaw growth and to boost or, vice versa, slow down the growth and in such way prevent the possible anomalies.