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Dental hygiene and teeth whitening

Professional oral hygiene

Neither good-quality toothpaste, nor regular use of dental floss can prevent dental plaque and tartar. Only professional oral hygiene guarantees 100% result and clean pearly white teeth.

If regularly received, professional oral hygiene reduces the risks of dental caries and gum inflammations. Since every person has a unique lifestyle, the regularity of this treatment shall be defined on an individual basis.

All patients who are planning dental care at CIDS Center will be offered professional teeth cleaning.

Teeth whitening

Many people dream of ideally white teeth. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to achieve a perfect white smile with home remedies. Tooth enamel is not naturally white, its natural tones are greyish or yellowish. If a person drinks much tea or coffee, or smokes, there may be considerable changes in the teeth enamel colour.

Teeth whitening is the most efficient way to brighten teeth enamel. The result is visible immediately after the treatment. Professional teeth whitening is safe for teeth due to the use of modern technologies.

Try teeth whitening with Beyond Polus and see that it’s real to have a pearly white smile!